Facilitator Application 2

IT TAKES 10 YEARS TO BECOME AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. We are committed to guiding you along the way so that you can ultimately earn as much revenue in 4-6 years as you paid for in your college tuition. What a cool goal, right?!

We have three designations for facilitators: Licensed, Associate, and Master Facilitator. As you make your way through each designation, your content mastery, seminar facilitation, opportunities, rewards, and revenue potential increase. You can do this in just two days each week. Many of our facilitators maintain a full-time or part-time job until they become Master Facilitators. You should have a steady source of income and a schedule that’s flexible to allow you to travel for seminars as you go through our “grad school” in becoming a facilitator.

We take training seriously because we do not practice on our clients. And it also has to be fun, or the audience isn't going to remember anything anyway. If you cannot make the following commitments of our ongoing training process, please do not apply for the CEFP.

The purpose of the CE Summits is to connect and bond with the team, stay energized, explore your deeper purpose, set a personal and professional development context to help you achieve what you want overall in your life, maintain your certification status as a Collegiate EmPowerment Facilitator, and master your craft within the CEFP. One of the best parts of CE is that there is no tuition or payment required for the summits and training! You are only required to pay your own way to the summits: this may include flight, ground transportation, lodging, meals, CE shirts, marketing materials, and photography/videography. All of our summits are held in Easton, PA during the first full week of May and December. That’s the perk of choosing Collegiate Empowerment: we are the school you don’t have to pay for.

The purpose of the Weekly Call and Monthly Training calls is to create the space for you to grow in our culture as an entrepreneurial-minded salesperson and facilitator. Your Tuesday afternoon is essentially a Collegiate Empowerment team meeting. Since we are located all over the country, this is your connection back to headquarters and the rest of the team. These calls are required, but we make them entertaining as well by using different accents, switching up the call leader, and sharing stories from the road.

You should also set aside time each week to perform consultations with clients and prospective clients, customize and rehearse for your seminar events, and manage logistics of your travel. You'll also want to attend a few marketing conferences to meet the market and make a name for yourself and Collegiate Empowerment.

You will act as a part-time independent contractor with Collegiate Empowerment, not an employee. You will receive around $400 as a rookie facilitator for each seminar delivered, and then earn your way up the ranks for greater perks and profit. (Note: the average full-day rate for a corporate trainer is $200-$500.) Your travel and lodging expenses will be reimbursed as well. And the best part: if you consult for the event, you will earn an additional $400-$700 for each sale. Would you believe this: even our rookie facilitators earn more money than our directors and managers at $800+ per seminar!

You are responsible for your own equipment, general liability insurance, health insurance, travel and rental car insurance, personal taxes, expenses related to training and certification, and maintaining a credit card with a healthy balance for travel and lodging.

  • Seminar Equipment you must provide: personal laptop (PC or Mac, with Microsoft Office 2011 or newer), wireless mouse presenter (clicker), projector adapter (dongle) for Mac laptops, HDMI converter (if your laptop doesn't have an HDMI output), small carry-on luggage, valid driver’s license, and smart phone with voice memo capabilities.
  • Seminar Equipment provided by CE: PowerPoint slideshows with audio and video embedded, seminar scripts, and uniform.
  • Equipment provided by host client during each seminar: projector, screen, sound system, and microphone.
  • $3,000 suggested line of credit available on a credit card for advance travel arrangements for your seminars, which are reimbursed by our clients.

When all is said and done, between the summits, weekly calls, monthly training, marketing conferences, and your seminar events, you will invest up to one third of each year into becoming a Collegiate EmPowerment Consultant & Facilitator. Yes, you can do this in just three days each week.