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Why do we hang out with our friends? Why might we think deeply about the gifts we buy for others? Why are we fascinated by our history or our future? Why do we love movies and TV shows? And why do we hate the commercials that interrupt them?

Because our friends, gifts, history, future, movies, and TV shows all tell stories. We dismiss our friends with they tell the same stories over and over are when they have no stories to tell and nothing interesting to say. Gifts feel more meaningful when there is a story behind them. Our history tells us the story of how or why we are here. Our future tells the story of what things could be like based on the decisions we make right now. Movies and TV shows tell stories that we get sucked into because they are seemingly more interesting than the current story of our lives.

Our seminars are stories. They are not our stories; they are the stories of the participants. Each participant experiences the seminar through their own perceptions and perspectives, which is why each seminar is unique for each participant, because each participant is living and creating their own story throughout the seminar experience.

We are not here to tell our story: we're not famous and no one really cares until we all prove that we're interested in helping them create their story. Our seminars are stories that you help create, define, and improve so that each participant continues to make their story better, understand their past, and dream up and exciting future.


So, you want to Help College Students Get What They Want & Need and build their story along the way? We do, too! How coincidental! You want to facilitate high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun seminars so that students graduate with a sense of purpose and live with a sense of meaning? No way! Us, too! So many coincidences! Let's do this together.

Our bestselling productions are the mandatory ones, which makes sense. That means Maximize Your Buzz (alcohol education), Zero Shades of Gray (sexual assault prevention), Get A Life Outside The Classroom (college success), and Grit for College Students (resiliency and college completion). And yes, we found a way to make all of these mandatory experiences feel like they're not mandatory for the audience! Right behind the orientation seminars are the leadership ones: You Can't Lead Others Until You First Lead Yourself and The Student Leadership Challenge® Experience and so many more leadership seminars, retreats, and conferences!

Here's a sample of the energy and tone we expect in a Collegiate Empowerment performance.

Please understand that Collegiate Empowerment is not a "speakers agency". We are an 21st century educational organizational hell-bent on Helping College Students Get What They Want & What They Need and serving Higher Education Professionals. If you are looking for an agency, Collegiate Empowerment is not for you.

This is a place, though, for you to grow and develop and share your genius with the world. Whether your dream is to educate college students and help transform their college experience, or if it's writing, singing, acting, teaching, or something else, Collegiate Empowerment is a place for you to expand your horizons and make a difference at the same time.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed on an as-needed basis. We onboard and certify our team from season to season, running July of each year through June of the next year. If you have at least two of the following within your background, this will be an awesome place for you:

  • The genius of performance, stagecraft, teaching, and/or training delivery

  • The passion for personal development through a mix of education and entertainment

  • A proficiency with technology (PowerPoint, projectors, screens, sound systems, and/or microphones)

  • Experience in student activities as an undergraduate student or a background in Higher Education as a professional

  • The commitment and availability to travel and perform across the country (especially August through November)

  • A desire to make the world a better place for all human beings

Our busiest season is from August 15th - September 15th, focused on orientation and welcome week, along with leadership and organizational development. We serve more than 70 schools during more than 90 events from August through Thanksgiving. You'll definitely want to be available for these times so that you can take advantage of every opportunity to make your impact. Be open to traveling (and some travel nightmares). If you have a jet pack, even better.

Obviously, there is a lot of opportunity from August through November. Things slow down in December, which is why we have our summit at that time, and then pick back up again in February and March with seminars and conferences, followed by April, which is awareness month for alcohol, sexual assault, and financial literacy. In May while many colleges and universities get ready for commencement, we gear up for yet again another summit to prepare for the fall.

Here's what we know: it takes ten years to become an overnight success, and our grad school approach puts you on the path to becoming a Master Facilitator in just four years with 75+ delivered seminars under your belt. We also know that you might not stick around ten years, and that’s okay. Just as you’d transfer or graduate from school, that can happen here, too. If life doesn't offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one. CE is the place highly motivated college graduates go to get an education now that they have their degree.

And what if you're a Higher Education Professional with limited travel time because of your day job? You don't have to travel; we can license you as a Collegiate Empowerment Educator with a proven framework for a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun seminar experience that you can use on your campus over and over again. We're here to make you look like a hero and to make your job easier! 


If you are a recent graduate, a newcomer to the speaking business, a performer, a Higher Education Professional, or just a long-time personal development junkie, we’ve got a great part-time economic opportunity for you to deliver shows and seminar experiences for college students and professionals across the country!

The 2018 team.

The 2018 team.