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You’re reading this because you are both great at and deeply care about helping college students create more purpose and meaning in their life, relationships, and career. You’re committed to making a difference. And you’re interested in having fun while getting paid to do so.

The Collegiate Empowerment Facilitator Program (CEFP) builds mastery in facilitation skills and content from our What Every College Student Needs To Know™ seminar series. You are about to embark on a journey to discover training practices that go against standard practice!

As a Seminar Facilitator, you become part of the Collegiate Empowerment Team and will be guided through high-level and customized training throughout your time with us. You will work with Master Consultants and Facilitators, global content development partners, strategic association partners, agency partners, and other CE Performers and Facilitators like yourself. You will be supported by sales consultants to help create opportunities for you. You will lean on our backstage team to take care of client agreements, invoices, and other operations. We share in the experience, the impact, the credit, and the revenue. You're going to love being a part of our team.


First, this is not about us and this is not about you. We are mission-driven and hell-bent on helping college students get what they want and need. If you have an incredible story to tell, that’s fantastic and we will help you craft that story…after we help the students craft theirs. If you want to be a nationally-recognized speaker, we’re sorry but this is not the place for you. This is an organization where the clients we support and the students we serve are the heroes.

The are four key Collegiate Empowerment Mindsets as you prepare to join the team.

  1. Be certified in three out of four of our bestselling new student orientation shows. This includes alcohol education, sexual assault prevention, campus engagement, and grit.

  2. Be available during the peak season from August 15 - September 15. This is new student orientation when 80% of our impact is made.

  3. Be responsive with an enthusiastic yes (this will get you more opportunity). The more you say yes to us, the more we can say yes to you!

  4. Be coachable and willing to learn from the team and yourself. We are pleasantly persistent when it comes to supporting you.

Next, while we are based in the Northeast, we serve colleges all across the United States. You will do some traveling with us (car, train, plane). You may go on a tour from campus to campus. You can also represent Collegiate Empowerment from wherever you live in the country (though it is easier if you’re also in the Northeast due to the high concentration of colleges and universities in the area). While performing shows and facilitating seminars from our 125+ hours of curriculum, you may be on the road for a week or two at a time traveling between campuses. You will also take part in the design and evaluation of seminars that continue to impact over 30,000+ students each year.

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Collegiate Empowerment is a build-your-own-experience kind of culture. We have several people on our team that have full-time jobs and use their vacation days to perform during the peak season from August 15th to September 15th. Others have part-time jobs and can make a larger commitment throughout the year.

We want to be open and transparent upfront: we do have a non-compete within the Higher Education Industry. If you want to be a speaker and use Collegiate Empowerment as a platform, that’s brilliant. We want to help you do that and teach you everything you need to know from marketing to sales to performance. Because of our commitment to you, we ask for the same respect in return.

Lastly, be sure to experience Collegiate Empowerment fully as you begin your journey with us.


  • Sign in and complete the Interest Form after reviewing this application process.

  • Share an online video clip (at least 10 minutes long) in front of an audience of 15+ people. If you don't have this video, get a group of people you know together in an educational setting and record it.

  • Provide supporting documentation from at least two prior presentations.

  • Provide two references of people who have seen you present in front of a live audience.

  • Share with us your Kolbe A Index results and Top 5 Signature Themes of Strengths Finder (if you have them).

  • Then the interview and audition process begins! Good luck!

Get everything ready in advance; your responses are not saved if you close the application before submitting.

Sign in below, review the process, and then let us know if you have any questions. From the entire Collegiate Empowerment Team, we wish you the best and expect great things for you.

Joe Urbanski Collegiate Empowerment Director

Joe Urbanski
Collegiate Empowerment Director