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Hi! We are truly humbled and inspired by your intentions to join us in becoming seminar educators. This will be quite a journey!

Collegiate Empowerment is an educational production company that provides kickass seminars, retreats, and conferences for college students and professionals. (“Kickass” was your first test. If you’re not offended, keep on reading.) We’re also in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, the publisher of The Student Leadership Challenge®, which is one of the most widely-used books for leadership development and curriculum on college campuses. Here’s the press release:

All of our seminars are designed using our trademark Collegiate Empowerment approach with the promise of a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience. Because of high demand, we have a part time economic opportunity for entrepreneurial minded educators like you. To be a part of our Educator Team, you've got to have the right energy and spirit—and as long as you can help us honor our marketing promise of a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience, we’re going to make a big difference together!

As Context Experts, we know college students better than they know themselves. You, however, are likely a Content Expert. You either know or have your own content expertise. Perhaps you’re even certified, and now it’s time to learn how to maximize those certifications on your campus and in your region, earning a buck or two as well! (You may even develop an interest in facilitating Collegiate Empowerment student seminars and professional tools.)

This is a work-for-hire agreement to start as an independent contractor with Collegiate Empowerment, working on your own schedule. As a Professional Educator, you will be guided through high-level and customized training throughout your time with us. You may work with Master Consultants and Facilitators, global content development partners, strategic association partners, agency partners, and other CE Educators like yourself. You will be supported by sales consultants to help create opportunities for you. You will also be rewarded for creating opportunities for yourself and others to deliver seminars and workshops on regional campuses. You will lean on our backstage team to take care of client agreements, invoices, business management, and other operations.

Collegiate Empowerment is a create-your-own-experience and build-your-own-practice kind of culture. We have several people on our team that own businesses and do this twice a week. Some people have full-time jobs and use their vacation days to perform. Others have part-time jobs. Some of our team members just want to facilitate a few times throughout the year. Really, you can do this however you want, and that’s the magic of this part-time economic opportunity.


As a Seminar Educator, you are the “sage on the stage” facilitating either your own content expertise or seminars from the Collegiate Empowerment vault that you’ve attained additional certification in.

What’s the easiest way to get on stage? Present and market yourself at regional or national conferences to gain exposure and let people know who you are. We are always selling something, whether it’s an idea to our colleagues, an event to our students, or values to our kids. Why not sell something that puts money in your pocket?! (CE pays for fixed expenses: memberships, showcases, ads, and collateral. You must cover your own expenses: flight, hotel, ground transportation, parking, tolls, registration, handouts, and meals. One conference could generate ten times in revenue the amount of expenses you put out, so look at it as an investment.)

Seminar Educators earn 20% of the net seminar check plus expenses. And it doesn’t stop there! If you have any connections to Higher Education professionals, associations, or organizations, you can help get yourself and others to campus. Our Program Consultants earn an additional booking percentage as well, effectively getting paid for both the sale and the facilitation.

You’re not required to be a Program Consultant and we understand where you may feel turned off by the idea as a few other people on our team have felt the same way. What we have found is that some of our best work is done in advance of the seminar, customizing and shaping it for the audience during the consultation process. You might be surprised at how exciting it is to be a Program Consultant!

If you choose to take your Seminar Educator certification deeper and you want to stack certifications on top of each other, you can become certified in Collegiate Empowerment curriculum for $295 per seminar. In the near future, we are also looking to build a live experience for training, certification, and rehearsals in Easton, PA where you’ll get to meet other facilitators and educators and learn from each other’s approaches to delivering the seminars.

We do recommend that you host the program to experience the product you’ll be facilitating, so you should first bring it to your school. (You may have already done this!) When you do, you’ll be able to attend the CE training tuition-free. You're not required to book a seminar, but it’s highly recommended. We find that it’s easier to recommend a product after being an owner of the product, don’t you?



Watch a few of our videos here to get a feel for the energy and style of the student learning experience we are creating (unless of course you've already had us to campus or have seen us live at another venue).

Prepare to send us a 10-15 minute video clip of yourself presenting your own content to a live audience (and if it's just you and the camera, that will be alright as well). We want to get to know your style and approach to facilitation. This is your “application.” The video can be sent as a YouTube or Vimeo link, or you can send the file to us via

There is a nominal fee of only $495 for trademarked materials and development to get you started. The fee gets you enrolled in the educator certification and grants you access to the following:

  • An initial consultation call to provide you with clarity in next steps (and potentially meet others in the program).
  • A training audio/video series for becoming a master experience facilitator.
  • Training calls to support you in three areas upon request:
    • Marketing your services as a Collegiate Empowerment Educator (the better we do at marketing, the easier it is to sell).
    • Selling your services to schools that are interested to bring you to campus (the sales job is the most important which gets you to campus to help meet student and professional needs).
    • Performing the seminar experience (this is ultimately what you're signing up for).
      • Learn to reverse-engineer the ultimate training experiences to create real measurable results in personal and team development that last longer than a month.
      • Engage learners with our unique and highly-researched Learn-Say-Do-Reflect Model to increase engagement, retention, and fun. 
      • Improve your training atmosphere, increase retention to 90%, and create a consistent system for all trainers and facilitators to do the same.
      • Creating a high-performance state and on-stage presence.
      • Focus on not speaking: it’s more about your movement, eyes, and voice than anything else.
      • Be a part of the art and science to make training fun again.
  • 2-3 setup and support calls as needed.

You can be up and running in as little as six months with your newest certification as a Collegiate Empowerment Professional Educator! Then you can simply choose which of the seminar experiences you want to add to your certification for just $295 each to start building your portfolio!


Wait, isn't this a conflict of interest? Nope. Compare this to any relationship you have with a nonprofit association or organization that you volunteer on, serve, or attend their events. We don’t see it as a conflict of interest, but as an additional certification that you can and should use on your campus and with other institutions across the country. As we’ve been saying for years, what we do here is both a privilege and an obligation…and so it is for you! 

What if I need more prep time? If collectively we feel that more time will be needed for training or guidance during this certification process, we are open to adding another support call to your package. If, however, you feel that we more time, we will expand the relationship for an additional $495 for more audio, videos, and conference calls to make sure that you feel both comfortable and confident.

Are there any additional requirements? Yes, if you want to be a professional. There are certain requirements that all educators and facilitators must have: obvious things like a laptop, Microsoft PowerPoint, and wireless clicker when presenting a multimedia-driven slideshow. (It's the 21st century; all presentations should include multimedia-driven slideshows.) You should also be familiar with a projector, screen, sound system, and microphone. If you are not familiar with this standard equipment, we can help you out.

What about insurance? You need it. Yes, we have it as an organization, and yes, we recommend you get it as an individual. General liability insurance protects you in case someone gets hurt during your program and decides to sue you or request money for medical bills, pain, and suffering. We recommend a $2 million policy, and it’s only $300-$500 a year for total protection.

Do I need to own a business? No, but it helps. If you own a business (i.e. an S-Corp or LLC), we will pay your business so that you can take advantage of greater tax benefits for yourself.


We have curriculum for What Every College Student Needs To Know™ as well as for professional development! You first option is the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program where we not only take you through 12 professional coaching tools, but we also license you to use them with mentees and then certify you to use them to earn revenue as a Collegiate Empowerment Coach!

Your second option is to choose from our curriculum of more than 30 educational productions that include the PowerPoint, script, and embedded audio-video media.


Here’s where everything comes together: IT'S YOU and you’re on stage! Okay, most of the time, it’s just floor space, but you get the idea. We’ve got a great system for helping you facilitate like a wizard. From the art and science of engagement to the visual slideshow to the seminar activities to the student participation, this is where you shine and we can’t wait to do some amazing stuff with you!

Get started now!


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