Real GPA

What's Your Real GPA?™

It's not just the number, it's what the number means. 

The days are looong gone when all you needed was a diploma to get you in the door for a job interview. GPA is no longer the judge of intelligence or an indicator of future success. Those who rely only on GPA realize later on there is much more to college and life than your number. Plus, your future significant other probably isn’t going to judge you based on your number.

It was a great day for many of us when Steve Jobs’ high school GPA was released. 2.65. That’s it. He was a B/C student at best. But we all know how that story ended up: he dropped out of college, started Apple, left Apple, rejoined Apple, and then changed the world. All with a 2.65. It’s not just the number; it’s what the number means. Find out what your number means. Discover your Real GPA.™


Participants will…

  • Redefine the meaning of GPA, one letter at a time

  • Discover your Real GPA and what it means to the teams you’re a part of

  • Organize your life, relationships, organizations, and career around your deeper purpose

This seminar experience will give you with the insight to define your Core Purpose Statement, express your Real GPA, and answer the question: “How will you use your greatest natural talents within the industry you are most attracted to in order to accomplish your lifetime goals?” Join us to discover your Real GPA and use it to reinforce your purpose, achieve your vision, fulfill your mission, and affirm your values…all the while preventing a miserable career journey.


AUDIENCE: Emerging & Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: Keynotes/Kick-offs for retreats/conferences: 60 minutes; In-depth Event/Half-Day Training: 2-3 hours
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.