NCSL Conference

The National Conference on Student Leadership

A comprehensive three-day conference for students and professionals!

So, you want to go to a big leadership conference but you’re having trouble deciding which one. How about the one with “NATIONAL” in the name? How about the one that is the obvious and practical choice for off-campus leadership development? How about the one that is the pioneer and leader since 1978? This is the one: the National Conference on Student Leadership!

Collegiate Empowerment and NCSL have partnered to bring you one of the best multi-day conference experiences for both students and professionals. If you like CE, you’ll love NCSL! NCSL is committed to helping college students and advisors practice effective, heart-centered leadership as individuals, in student organizations, and in the community. The conference is not only education, but empowering, just like us!

This was my most favorite and memorable keynote. I sat at the table in front of the podium and during the time of reflection, I became so emotional about who I want to be and who I am now. This workshop has changed my outlook on myself and my ability to lead others. I felt more confident after this keynote.
— 2017 Attendee


Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • High-energy keynotes and engaging workshops (get hyped)

  • 30+ student workshops (with repeat sessions so you don’t miss anything)

  • Dedicated track for advisor sessions (developed specifically for professionals)

  • Leadership Master Class (for the go-getters and the resume builders)

  • Networking activities and events (so you can learn from others across the world)

  • An attractive and historic location (turn it into a mini vacation and educational trip)

  • Emcees and DJs to keep the momentum going (you’re going to love it)

  • NCSL Speaks! (student speakers, your time to shine!)

  • Lip Sync Battle (prepare for a lyrical war)

  • Scholarships are available (oh yeah!)

Since 1978, The National Conference on Student Leadership has provided values-based, purpose-driven leadership development to college student leaders and campus professionals from across the country and around the world. Hundreds students and professionals from over 100 colleges and universities attend each year and learn how to apply leadership skills to make a meaningful difference.

Okay, so you’re interested—otherwise you wouldn’t continue reading. If you’re ready to register, click here. Want to know more? Let’s keep going!

The content was amazing! As a first time attendee, I will be recommending that our Dean send at least two from our college. I learned practical skills that I can’t wait to implement. Thank you!
— 2016 Attendee


The conference is built around your wants and needs.

  • Strengths and passion

  • Personal productivity and achievement

  • Organizational development

  • Conflict management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Relationship building

  • Financial literacy

  • Living with purpose

  • Global and current events

  • Personal leadership and motivation

  • Vision and goal setting

  • Effective interpersonal communication

  • Team building and group dynamics

  • Unique life skills and personal development

  • Pop culture leadership

  • Public and/or influential speaking

  • Personality assessments

  • Career development

  • College and life success

And if we list everything we’ve ever done and everything we’re planning on doing, you’re going to be reading for a while. You get the point: we’ve got what you’re looking for at NCSL!

Wow. This conference has a little bit of everything! From a great kickoff to well-rounded sessions, there’s something for everyone—even us, and we’ve been doing this for a long, long time!
— CE Facilitator Cast


Who is this conference for? YOU!

  • Emerging student leaders

  • Experienced student leaders

  • Student government

  • Campus activities boards

  • Club and org leaders

  • Residence life and orientation leaders

  • Returning adult students

  • And the people who do ALL of the above


Seriously, we’re still having this conversation? Okay, here you go:

  • You will learn from nationally recognized speakers and facilitators (including Collegiate Empowerment)!

  • You will gain the insights—and sometimes wisdom—to lead people, organizations, and of course yourself!

  • You will experience personal and professional development that was intentionally designed for your greater conference enjoyment!

  • You will meet and connect with students and professionals from not only across the country, but across the globe!

  • You will walk away with not only insights and skills, but a plan to do something with them!

  • You will get re-energized to want to do something with your insights and skills!


Most campuses bring 1‒2 advisors and 5‒10 students. Registration is $699 per person, but you can save $150 is you register before May!

If that’s not enough, not only do we pack your day with great keynotes, sessions, and experiences, but we give you the time in the evening for going out with the new people you meet and exploring the surrounding area. What more do you need?! (Okay, you need food, and there’s plenty of that, too!) Now let’s get you signed up!

Year-after-year, we are excited to attend the NCSL conference. It helps us engage with our students outside of the office. It also assists us in really getting to know our student leaders. It is a great conference and our students always enjoy it.
— 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 Attendee

For questions, contact Kevin Patrick @ NCSL:, 608-227-8183.