The Summit

MAY 79, 2019!

Welcome to the next CE Summit!
There's a lot of students to serve and there's no way we could do this without you on our team. Thanks for joining us to get inspired and prepare to help college students get what they want and need!

!Joe Urbanski
Director of Collegiate Empowerment

Watch the New Team Director Welcome (if you haven’t already) to discover the CE Experience that we bring to the stage in our educational productions...and how to be a part of it!


The short answer: because the industry of Higher Education and our audiences deserve the best from us, and we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients and the students we serve.

The longer answer: We facilitate high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun shows, seminars, retreats, and conferences from orientation through graduation...and that takes practice... a lot of practice to deliver at the level that we do. We are constantly gearing up for new seminar productions, granting certifications, providing training and support, and preparing you to take on the world. We continue to clarify our collective vision and strategize how CE can help you achieve your professional goals of increased certification.


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As a rookie with Collegiate Empowerment, you should comprehend, be off-book, and performance-ready for a minimum two of the four best selling shows by the Spring Summit in May…then three shows by the final July rehearsal. (You’ll recognize this from the agreement.)

We will support you with the following Educational Performance skills:

  • High performance state

  • Mastering your tech

  • Audience management

Not only will you develop new skills in performing and facilitating, not only will you work with a kick ass group of people, you will also join a team and a culture committed to personal development and growth!

Google Classroom will continue to be your guide in preparing and we’ll continue uploading great learning and tips as you prepare.

As you continue your CE journey, each year grants you the opportunity to gain new certifications, develop further performance capabilities, and increased event payments. Bamm!!


For our current team members, you are part of the Teaching Artist legion. That's right: here at CE, this is a school and we are all teachers and students. You might be on book, you might be on tech, you might be on choreography, you might be on face, and you might be on stage! You might be leading a small table talk. You might be facilitating one-on-one support. All of this because YOU ROCK!



  • The CE Summit is ongoing tryouts & training. If you are ready to perform in front of an audience, you will. Otherwise, there's no guarantee we can certify you in new shows, seminars, or practices.

  • How do you get certified? Start preparing early, because we've seen what happens when people wait until the final days...and it's not pretty.

  • What is performance-ready? It means that if we were to put you in front of an audience and a paying client, you’d be ready to do so. Yes, we’ll support you with the tech, though.

  • Show up on time, participate, and be coachable.

  • Come prepared to learn, make mistakes, be a team player, and get better.

  • Focus on progress, not perfection. You need to be great, not perfect. We play a hard game, but it’s only to make it feel easier when you’re on stage.

  • And please try to have some fun. Just a little bit.



5:30p: Arrive at the hotel for check-in
6-8p: Meet & Greet team dinner

WEDNESDAY, 8:30a-8:30p
Welcome & Orientation
Training & Certifications
Evening Team Development & Support

THURSDAY, 8:30a-3:15p
Training & Certifications
Wrap-Up & 3:15 departure
3:50 bus to Newark @ 5:30p, to PABT @ 6:30p

NOTE: Please do your best to avoid making other plans or bring any other work. 



The Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites is headquarters for the summit.

140 Northampton Street
Easton, PA 18042

DRIVING:  Easton is conveniently 75 miles equidistant between both NYC & Philly. A smooth 90 minute drive. Keep your toll receipts & track your miles. We will reimburse up to $50 of your required travel expenses.

BUS: The most effortless way to travel to Easton from NYC is to take the Trans-Bridge Bus (Allentown Route) from NYC Port Authority get off at the Easton Bus Terminal at 123 South Third Street, just two blocks from the hotel. $50 roundtrip with ticket. Get your ticket in advance. We will reimburse up to $50 of your required travel expenses.

FLYING: Fly Into Newark (EWR airport): You can use the Trans-Bridge Bus (Allentown Route) to get off at the Easton Bus Terminal at 123 South Third Street, just two blocks from the hotel. $50 roundtrip with ticket. Get your ticket in advance. We will reimburse up to $50 of your required travel expenses.



Got lodging? Yes we do! There are large two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites at the hotel that we will have reserved for you to share with the team. Everyone gets their own bed.

Parking is available free outside the hotel. Use the code 4580 to enter the lot.


We will have a continental breakfast and full catered lunch available for each day of training.

The continental breakfast includes apple juice, orange juice, or coffee; assorted pastries and baked goods; bagels and bread with cream cheese and/or butter, assorted cereal, oatmeal, and pancakes. 

Green Harvest is also open and has your standard breakfast options (and the owner, Doreen, is very, very good and reasonably priced).

We will also host you for a team dinner the day before the summit upon arrival. You're welcome to bring your own meals, drinks, and after-hours snacks.


Gold Room, lobby level of the Eastonian.

We will have 24/7 access to the room.

WiFi is available (and slow as snails, but it works).

Network: Easton
Password: free


There is no tuition for this certification and training experience. What?! You're damn right. See if you can find that anywhere else. Better yet, we are going to pay you for each day of the summit you attend!

Your only costs are related to your own personal expenses:

  • Transportation above $50

  • Dinner on your own

  • Extra snacks and drinks


  • Your personal laptop and projector dongle

  • Your wireless mouse presenter (AKA clicker)

  • Journal & pen (for notes)

  • Calendar

  • Comfortable clothes + CE shirts for photos & videos

  • Bathing suit (if you want to use the hotel pool)

  • Workout outfit (unless you're lazy)

  • Weather-proof clothes (you never know)

  • Anything else that fits in your travel bag for show and tell


As part of the Collegiate Empowerment culture, there are quite a bit of books that we focus on to create a common language. Here are a few you may want to check out during your stint with CE. These are not required, but if you feel like CE is going to be a bigger part of your future, these are definitely worth checking out!

Rehearsals and Training happen on a continual basis at the Collegiate Empowerment Summits twice throughout the year. We are always training and we are always ready!