Maximize Your Buzz™

The end of boring alcohol programs and lectures is here. This is serious comedy.

Let’s face it: traditional alcohol education doesn't work. It's usually either all jokes and no real information, the boring podium-lecture, or the scary "don't drink or horrible things are guaranteed for your future" story.  If it’s MANDATORY on every college campus, shouldn't there be a way to educate your students with a deep message while keeping them engaged through entertainment as well? Yeah, we think so too.

Maximize Your Buzz is the highly sought-after alcohol program that treats your students like adults, not third-graders. Through comedy, multimedia, and practical advice, students learn to make values-based choices about alcohol. With a practical message blended with a lighthearted approach, your students will leave having had a great time, as well as, equipped with safe practices to make healthier choices, reduce high-risk drinking, and taking care of friends who over-indulged. Let’s change behaviors by shifting perceptions: “Alcohol is not about drinking; it’s about who you are.”


Participants will…

  • Understand the deeper meaning behind WHY they choose to drink (or not to drink).

  • Discover the science behind WHAT they drink and your campus alcohol policy.

  • Learn tips and make choices on HOW to drink to avoid going beyond their buzz limit.

Maximize Your Buzz is built upon 3 core messages:  [1] Alcohol is not about drinking; it's about who you are. We help students clarify their values. [2] It's easy to say no when you have a deeper burning yes. We help students understand their yes. [3] We need to cultivate a community of shared responsibility when it comes to alcohol. We help students remember to have each other's backs.


AUDIENCE: First-Year Students, Greek Life, Athletes, Wellness Programs for General Student Population
DATES: Beginning of the School Year (August - October); Pre-Spring Break; Alcohol Awareness Month
DURATION: 60 minutes recommended
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or Multi-purpose Room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup.


"Collegiate Empowerment presented "Maximize Your Buzz", a lively and informative performance that encouraged our students to think more critically about the associated risks of alcohol misuse and their personal decisions regarding alcohol. This program skillfully kept the packed auditorium fully engaged for the entire interactive presentation.  Early evaluation of this program's value to our students is very positive." 

— Rich  Fleming, Director, Office of Alcohol & Drug Education
Springfield College

"You made an impact on my decisions. That night I planned to go to a birthday party, and I was excited to drink with all my friends. However, after going to the program, I didn't want to drink anymore. I just wanted to hang out with my friends, and remember the night rather than waking up the next morning wondering how I got home. So I know you don't know me personally, but I thought you should know that you made a difference."

— Brittney Gilman, student
University of New Hampshire

"This is by far one of the best programs I have seen and I've been in this business for a long, long time. I want to thank Collegiate Empowerment for coming to St. Francis and truly inspiring our students. The message and talking about who they are was the best part. It wasn't boring; it wasn't your straight, stand there at a podium talk about the evils of drinking."

— Dom Peruso, Associate Dean of Students
Saint Francis University


Facilitator promo video for the alcohol education seminar, Maximize Your Buzz.

Buzz Train-The-Trainer

Let's say you LOVE Maximize Your Buzz and you want to EQUIP your Orientation Leaders, your Peer Educators and Mentors, your Resident Assistants, and other Student Leaders to take the seminar deeper with your students. Let's say you want to make a bigger impact and you want to TRAIN your students to facilitate their own version of Buzz. Let's say you want to shake things up and CERTIFY those students to become Campus Facilitators to be able to present Maximize Your Buzz to every other student on campus any number of times throughout the year. There are a few ways we can help you do that. Just saying.


Let Collegiate Empowerment come in and facilitate Maximize Your Buzz for your first-year students, but that day, the day before, or the day after, we'll work with your student leaders to help them take the conversations deeper with their own students.


We'll perform Buzz for your student leaders, perform it again and share the context of how the seminar is designed and why we do what we do to empower the audience, and then train those student leaders in expert facilitation skills to be able to present your own version of Maximize Your Buzz, customized for your campus.


Not only will we train your students (and professionals) in fantastical facilitation skills so that you can deeply engage students in a brilliant conversation about alcohol education, but in this one/two day training, we'll certify you in the content of Maximize Your Buzz and provide you with a script!


The choice is yours, and we will co-create whatever train-the-trainer experience you'd like to have for your campus.