Who We Are


We are typical speakers that talk down to your students during low-energy, noninteractive, disengaging, and boring seminars while standing behind a podium and reading the slides. On top of it, we ensure that everything is high-maintenance, high-cost, and low quality. Just kidding. :)

Think of the worst lecture you’ve ever seen...we do the opposite!

Face it: most podium speakers are boring and most lectures suck. You know it's true and so do we. That's why we do what we do. We are Collegiate Empowerment.

Collegiate Empowerment is a nonprofit, for-purpose educational production company hell-bent on Helping College Students and Professionals Get What They Want & Need. We are not a speakers agency. We are a dynamic team of educational performers, artists, and educators on a mission to do great work for you and your students. We’re here to make your job easier and to help you look like a hero on campus.

Let’s talk about your campus…

  • What is the biggest challenge you’re trying to solve right now?

  • What is it that you wish everyone knew a little bit more about?

  • Are you planning any upcoming speakers, trainings, or conferences that we can support you with?

Since 1995, we’ve been home to a series of national best-selling educational productions perfect for the first-year experience and student leadership development focused on What Every College Student Needs to Know. We co-create and facilitate high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun seminars, retreats, and conferences with content that you need to know, delivered in a context you can relate to, at a price your campus can afford. Best of all: if your students don’t like it, your school doesn’t pay for it! It’s money-back guaranteed.

How cool is that! Don’t you wish everything in life was guaranteed?

If you HATE lectures, you’ll LOVE this! It’s kind of like fireworks: we can explain it to you with words, but once you experience us live, you’ll really get it.


"Collegiate Empowerment offers professional staff and students equal levels of support in getting the job done well. You facilitate the challenge-by-choice very well and leads people down the path to finding their own answers."

— Anna Droste-Glowinski, Director of Student Life and Development
Ivy Tech Community College

"Collegiate Empowerment seminars always hits home for me. It’s very personal. It makes me think about myself. It’s really effective to get me to look inside myself to do things better."

— Amanda DeRose, Coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership
Carroll Community College