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THE COLLEGIATE EMPOWERMENT® COACHING PROGRAM is the first professional development coaching experience designed exclusively for highly-committed professionals in Higher Education, like you. The Program consists of a series of 12 monthly, customized, one-to-one coaching sessions with a highly-trained Collegiate Empowerment Coach taking place over the phone in the comfort and convenience of your own office and/or home.

The purpose of the CE Coaching Program is designed to provide you as a Higher Education Professional with ongoing one-to-one encouragement for your personal, relationship, and professional transformation. It's designed to provide you with the leadership, relationship, creativity, and management that you want and need. It's designed to provide you with a safe & sacred space to think out loud & share your truth, to ask for help, and to have permission to be as unapologetically ambitious as you want to be. It's designed to provide you with deep support, empathy, guidance, and the every-now-and-then kick in the butt. It's designed for you.

The covers of the Year 1 tools.

The covers of the Year 1 tools.


You can't lead others until you first lead yourself. You're helping your students...but WHO IS HELPING YOU? This is all about you. We are here to help you craft your story.

 If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, a University Executive, an entrepreneurial-minded educator, or if you’re just plain committed to the long haul of Higher Education, then this experience is right for you. Within the coaching program, there is a constant focus on 1) increased clarity, 2) enhanced confidence, 3) new capabilities, and 4) deeper commitment for you personally and professionally so as to increase your institution’s recruitment, retention, and revenue generation goals. Join a growing team of Certified Collegiate Empowerment Coaches and Professionals so you can Help College Students Get What They Want and Need for success in the 21st Century.

In addition to these professional and institutional objectives, one of the core benefits of the program is that it will help you regain your personal enjoyment and fulfillment that comes from helping college students to get what they want and need. Participants of the program are licensed (and highly encouraged) to facilitate the Collegiate Empowerment concepts and tools with members of their campus community, starting as a sort of Mentorship Practice with their fellow colleagues and students. The best results from The Coaching Program come from professionals that are committed to the success of 5-10 mentees along their journey. Consider the return on investment when you commit to sharing your learning with ten individuals on campus!

This is Collegiate Empowerment. The word empower means “to give your power away so that others have the ability to make decisions and take action." Your power can be your time, energy, money, caring, and wisdom. We not only want to empower you to make a quantum leap in your life, but we want you to be empowered to guide others in doing the same! If you are dedicated to providing your campus with high quality tools and processes that will take them to the next level, then the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program is the most cost-effective investment to help you do that.


Are you looking to raise your standards of what it means to be a Higher Education Professional? Are you looking to increase your professional skill set? Are you looking for a new level of professional certification and credentialing? Let's get you certified! Here's an easy way for you to increase your professional certification in an area that will impact not only your professional career, but your personal life and relationships as well. 

Perhaps you want to take your higher education higher and have been seeking new ways of expanding your own learning and credentialing. You could go for your doctoral degree over the course of 4–8 years, rack up to $200,000 in new debt, and then reap the rewards of having your PhD and start demanding that your friends call you Doctor so and so. Maybe you already have your PhD and endured that 50–200 page dissertation and you’re still looking for ways to empower your students, your colleagues, and your campus. That’s why you’re still reading.

Coach Certification looks good on a resume and we’re sure it will look great on your wall, but what sets The Collegiate Empowerment Certification apart from other credentials and degrees is that we will teach you how to support and coach the people around you that need it most...right on your own campus. You will have the tools and resources to make a difference in everyday conversations. As a Certified Collegiate Empowerment Coach, you also have the ability to generate supplemental income while coaching others in the field of Higher Education. Yes, you can actually get paid to use this certification! As a matter of fact, this certification pays for itself after just five clients (and you can do that in a year)!

Who knows, maybe one day you'll be a Coach Trainer, too!


There's quite a few things we know about you. For starters, you don't have a job; you have a lifestyle. With all of the evening programs, weekend events, extremely long work days, nonstop emails, overload of vendor phone calls, unscheduled meeting requests, AND student demands. No wonder you're tired. But you're tired for a good reason.

  • You teach students, not subjects.

  • You help students get an education, not just a degree.

  • You take higher education deeper.

It's time to FOCUS ON YOU. Professional development is like taking a shower: if you only do it once a year, you'll stink! The CE Coaching Program is set up like a school (after all, we are a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization just like most colleges and universities). We have a four-year framework to support you in making the most of your experience as a Higher Education Professional.

Upon completion of Year 2 of the program, participants earn the distinction of being empowered to coach new members of the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Community.



  1. Vision & Goal Setting: The X-Factor Question

  2. Concerns, Excitement, Confidence: The C.E.C. Conversation

  3. Focus On Progress, Not Perfection: The Empowerment Focuser

  4. Putting Off Procrastination: The Commitment Cultivator

  5. Time Management: The Time Empowerment System

  6. Managing Over-commitment: Time System Ground Rules

  7. Strategic Planning: The Compelling Goal List

  8. Turning Problems Into Opportunities: The Obstacle Transformer

  9. Your Primary Influencers: The Core Relationship Cultivator

  10. Tactical Planning: The Weekly Game Plan

  11. Doing Your Best Stuff: The Core Genius Profile

  12. Declaring Your Intentions: Your Next Defining Moment

The 1st session acts as the foundation for the first six months of your coaching experience. The 7th session sets up the next six months.


In order to qualify for The Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program, you must:

  • Be coachable. Every great player has a great coach. Leave your ego at the door and come prepared to play the game. Be open and willing to embrace change, starting with yourself.

  • Always be honest (especially with yourself). Commit 100% to a brighter future and commit to telling the truth about the reality of how things are now--whether good or bad.

  • See this as an investment, not an expense. If you see this as an expense, you won’t be happy. You must be willing to make the investment in and commitment to your campus, your students, your coach and most importantly yourself. When you do, we can assure you that the return on investment will totally outweigh the upfront investment.

  • No excuses. Commit 100%. I’m going to believe in your success. You must believe in your own success. Show up for the calls.

  • Come with an open mind and heart. We have your best interests in mind, and we will be open and honest with you as well.

  • Pay tuition in advance. You must be able to provide the non-refundable enrollment fee four weeks prior to your first session. We are only asking of you what you ask of your students.

Tuition for CE Coaching is $2,500!



How do I get started? Apply, enroll, and begin with three complimentary Coach Training sessions to set context for the certification. This can be done in any time frame (weekly, in three consecutive hours, whenever works for you).

How much does it cost? Your annual enrollment fee for Years 1 & 2 of the CE Coaching Program is only $2,500 each (the cost of a few college courses or one cup of coffee every day for three years)! The certification is $995 at the end of Year 2.

  • After one year of enrollment in the program, a Higher Education Professional is granted the status of Licensed Collegiate Empowerment Coach. Licensed Coaches are empowered and entrusted to use this credential to teach and share the 12 tools for Year 1 within their own campus community.

  • After two years of enrollment in the program, a Higher Education Professional is granted the status of Associate Collegiate Empowerment Coach. Associate Coaches are empowered and entrusted to use this credential to teach and share the 24 tools for Years 1 & 2 within their own campus community.

  • After attaining Associate Coach status, a professional can apply to become a Master Level Collegiate Empowerment Coach, and have the opportunity to earn supplemental income as a member of the Collegiate Empowerment Certified Coach Team. In order to achieve Master Level Status, the professional is required to pass an experiential examination (listed below) and pay a one time Master Level Certification Fee of $995.

What if I’m not familiar with the content or have never experienced the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program? That’s next. Participate in Years 1 & 2 of the coaching program to experience gains in your personal life, significant relationships, and professional career. You can’t lead others until you first lead yourself.

  • This can be accelerated for CE Champion clients and 10+ year professionals.

  • Throughout your coaching, you will maintain a Mentorship Practice of 5–10 mentees on yours and any other campus. Share what you learn. Make a difference. Spread the movement.

  • Network with people within the coaching program. We’ll connect you with others participating in the coaching program.

What is the Coach Training like? Either during or after your own coaching program, you will coach someone in the program and be coached by someone else. That gives you the real-time experience for how someone else might coach the same tools (and for you to go through the coaching a second time) and you’ll also have the chance to practice coaching someone where mistakes are honored as part of the process.

How do I earn the certification? Coach the Coach. That’s it. No final exam to stress about. No 100-page paper. No defending your dissertation. Just coach the coach.

  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of each tool.

  • Demonstrate that you're using the tools in your own life.

  • Demonstrate an exceptional ability to coach the coach in both every day and challenging scenarios using your facilitation and debriefing skills. When you get past the coach, you know you’ll get past anyone. We won’t let you fail.

What happens after the certification? You will receive your certificate, put it in a beautiful frame, and stare at it lovingly. Then get to work and start using what you’ve invested in. Certified Master Coaches are empowered and entrusted to use this credential to coach other Higher Education Professionals for compensation as part of the Collegiate Empowerment Certified Coach Team.

When do I get to start using my certification? When do I start getting paid? You may begin coaching members immediately, if not sooner. We’ll teach you how to influence others to apply, enroll, and choose you as their coach, too!

What is the system for coaching others? Once certified, you will learn how to manage your practice.

  • Start by signing your independent contractor agreement and W-9.

  • Your bio and headshot will be displayed on the CE website.

  • You will be able to enroll new members.

  • You will be able to sell seminars to earn additional revenue.

  • You may even receive an invitation to the Collegiate Empowerment Team Summit!

Okay, I'm in. Now what? Apply for the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Certification!

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As a result of this refreshing & rejuvenating experience, you will renew your faith for the noble work you do as a Higher Education Professional. You will regain your spirit in serving your campus community. You will serve as a mentor and coach to other professionals, complementing your campus development with your own professional development. Participants in The Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program will leave with a deeper meaning of what it means to be a 21st century educator.

It is our experience that the professionals who enroll in the Collegiate Empowerment Coaching Program actually knew they needed a change about a year before they discovered our program. If you’re reading this now, you too have most likely found what you’ve been looking for.

Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your life?

Are you ready to start working ON your professional life rather than merely in it?

Are you ready to restore the joy & passion that you once had for Higher Education?

Are you ready to transform your life as well as the lives’ of your students’ & campus community?

You decide.



When you are ready, we will be here ready and able to serve you unlike any other organization in the world. After all, we have what a Higher Education Professional like you is looking for:

  • A clear cut game plan for taking action.

  • A structured process to keep you on track.

  • A team of service minded support staff.

  • A dedicated coach to help you keep it all in perspective.

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