We know, we know: you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid!

14-hour work days. Overload & overwhelm. Weekend events. Nonstop emails. Way too many phone calls. Student demands. Unscheduled meeting requests. And meetings about your meetings. IT'S NO WONDER why burnout happens at 4-6 years! Stop your hectic routine to see where your hectic routine is taking you...NOW.

We know you care deeply about your campus community. We know you have committed your life to a deeper purpose. After all, you don't just have a job, you have a lifestyle - you are a Higher Education Professional. Yet, we also know how frustrating this path can be at times as there is no work-life balance; it's a work-life negotiation!

We have a solution to your core frustrations: Collegiate Empowerment® Workshops & Coaching. These group workshops and one-to-one coaching experiences are exclusively designed for highly-motivated and committed Higher Education Professionals like you as a result of two decades of in-depth experience with over 50,000 professionals from 2,800 campuses across North America. Through our research, experimentation, and application, we have identified an integrated curriculum of concepts, strategies, and tools which empower you to create a greater sense of balance, professionalism, and impact on your campus.

We do what we do because we must; we have a duty - just like all Higher Education Professionals have for their students. We're here for you so you can be there for your campus.


  • The Past: Stuff & Mess Eliminator

  • The Present: Urgent Vs. Important Clarifier

  • The Future: The Lifetime X-pander

  • Vision & Goal Setting: The X-Factor Question

  • Concerns, Excitement, Confidence: The C.E.C. Conversation

  • Focus On Progress, Not Perfection: The Empowerment Focuser

  • Putting Off Procrastination: The Commitment Cultivator

  • Time Management: The Time Empowerment System

  • Managing Over-commitment: Time System Ground Rules

  • Strategic Planning: The Compelling Goal List

  • Turning Problems Into Opportunities: The Obstacle Transformer

  • Your Influencers: The Core Relationship Cultivator

  • Tactical Planning: The Weekly Game Plan

  • Assessments: Core Genius, Leadership Practices Inventory, or Strengths

  • Your Next Defining Moment: Preventing A Miserable Career Journey

  • PLUS Communication & Teamwork customized workshops


Are you tired of the same old theory-based professional development? It's time we put theory into practice with these interactive and customized experiences guaranteed to provide ways for you to apply your expertise with your students and your team. Allow the nations leading authorities on Professional Renewal For Higher Education Professionals to empower you!

We also know that there's little to no budget for professional development. Talk to us about packaging it in with your student seminars.

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