Our Track Record

Why nonprofit? Simply because we're focused on the mission: Helping College Students Get What They Want & Need. For us, it isn't about the money or the profit; it's about the mission. Just like you.

We've impacted more than 1.8 million college students on stage, off stage, in large groups up to 2,400 and small groups of just five participants, during motivational seminars to weekend leadership development retreats to multi-event and multi-year consulting relationships.

We've worked closely with 35,000+ professionals during seminar experience design, professional development workshops on campus and at conferences, in one-to-one coaching, and throughout four-year relationships.

We have facilitated more than 5,000 seminars, retreats, and conferences...which means 5,000 client interviews about student wants and needs, learning outcomes, student organization challenges, as well as expectations and frustrations with "speakers." It also means 5,000 post-seminar assessments to build momentum on campus, review program insights, and assess participant progress.

Our seminars are grounded in practicality and have been researched and applied at more than 2,800 campuses. We have proven through individual success stories, changes to organizational culture, and improved perspectives of professionals that our seminars are not only evidence-based, but actually make a difference.

Yeah, we've been around...the entire country. We know the demographics of the geographic regions. We know you, and we have facilitators all around the country to meet your needs.

We're not going anywhere. We've been doing this for quite some time and are committed to doing this forever. This is our one thing: COLLEGIATE EMPOWERMENT: Helping College Students (& Professionals) Get What They Want In Need. Let's do something together.