Get A Life

Get A Life Outside The Classroom™

Making the most of the college experience to get the most from life!

ONE OUT OF SIX STUDENTS will drop out of school before the start of their second semester. This is why Orientation and Welcome Week programs are the front lines of student engagement and retention. Get A Life Outside The Classroom gets the message to new students about the importance of getting involved and being engaged, what the college experience really looks like, and how to be a successful college student from day one! But it's not just for orientation: this seminar is about making the most of your college experience and can be customized and relevant for any student audience.

Not just preparing for the year, but Get A Life also includes high-energy, low-cheesy, and totally relevant ice breakers!

Colleges and universities have existed for more than 375 years, and students are still graduating with no clear direction or path in life. College is designed to provide students with opportunities to create the life of their dreams, so kick it off with this seminar experience designed to show students how to make the most of college to get the most from life. Any time is a good time to Get A Life...Outside The Classroom!

NOTE: We can also turn this into Orientation Leader Training.


Participants will...

  • Engage in conversations and get to know their peers in a non-forceful environment.

  • Build confidence and overcome the overwhelm of the first year.

  • Discover the secret to college success: the Real GPA™ that counts.

  • Uncover options for getting involved and engaged on your campus.


AUDIENCE: New students, transfer students
DATES: Beginning of the Semester; Summer Orientation Programs
DURATION: 60-75 minutes recommended
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup.


As an orientation professional for over 15 years, Get A Life is pertinent, engaging, high-energy, and every incoming student should experience it.

— Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities
University of New Haven


You came to the 2017 UArts orientation and we just wanted to thank you for introducing us and having us interact. We thought you'd like to know that because of your presentation we are thriving together. We have never been happier. Thank you for all you do and for helping us find love.

— Bella and Matthew, new students