Grit For College Students

One of the #1 trending topics in American Higher Education. 

Popularized by the groundbreaking work of UPenn researcher, Dr. Angela Duckworth and her wildly successful TED Talk (18 million views and counting, since 2013), Grit has become one of the latest buzzwords on today’s college campuses...and rightfully so: there is a direct correlation between student resilience and student retention!

One out of every three US college students will drop out within the first year. Only 5% of our full-time community college students complete their associate's degree within two years. Only 19% of our full-time students attending our public universities complete their bachelor's degree within four years. There are more stats…and they only get worse.

We have to do something as a collective industry. As a start, we at Collegiate Empowerment have developed Grit For College Students to get the conversation started on your campus and to help navigate these challenges.

In this highly engaging and relevant educational seminar, we bring the power of the research and literature to life for today’s college student. By exposing students to what it truly takes to not only survive college but to thrive, Grit For College Students helps increase their own personal resiliency, tenacity, and perseverance for success from orientation all the way through graduation and beyond. It’s the perfect message for today’s college student!


Participants will...

  • Discover The Characteristics Of Grit based on the scholarship of James, Galton, Aristotle, and Duckworth.

  • Experience The Key To Lifetime Happiness to avoid getting caught in “The Gap”.

  • Implement The Empowerment Focuser tool to help maintain long term focus & personal resilience.

  • Develop a Community Culture Of Support to nurture personal & communal persistence.


AUDIENCE: First year students, New Student Orientation, Transfer Students, Returning Adult Students
DATES: August for New Student Orientation, June-July Summer Orientation, Jan/Feb Start of New Year
DURATION: 60 minutes recommended
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.