Life's Too Short To Do The Things You Suck At™

Where the secret to teamwork lies with the individual. 

When you are good at everything, you are genius at NOTHING. At the same time, people are not motivated to do the things they suck at. Unfortunately, most student organizations just plug people into open leadership positions rather than putting the right student in the right position. Effective teams need to be designed, not simply formed

During this full-on engaging and hilarious seminar, participants will apply strategies for sustaining productive teams, beginning with communication and collaboration in order to increase engagement. This seminar helps students increase their engagement, double their productivity, and feel more connected to their organization.

Champion sports teams do it. Successful musical groups do it. Professional experts do it. Global leaders do it. It’s your turn to learn the secret. It's time we adopted a new model to focus on your Core Genius, because life’s too short to do it any other way.


Participants will...

  • Discover how well-roundedness and multitasking prevent you from getting to the next level.

  • Explore and discover your performance strategy based upon your Genius Profile.

  • Cultivate team trust and design a more productive team by acknowledging and building upon team members' performance strategies.


AUDIENCE: Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: 2-3-hour Stand-alone Event; Retreat/Conference Breakout Session: 60 minutes
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.