Putting Off Procrastination™

Don't put off this experience any longer.

This session is designed as the perfect follow-up to Focus On Progress Not Perfection. Like a boxer in the ring, these two seminars empower you to give perfectionism & procrastination a big one-two punch in the face so you can make your vision a reality! You will learn how to do battle with these two powerful dream crushers. You see, perfectionism paralyzes your ability to make decisions and commitments while procrastination paralyzes your ability to take action and follow through.

If you want to learn about Putting Off Procrastination, then check out this session now! In the meantime, put off procrastination until tomorrow. Do it now!


Participants will...

  • Learn the top 3 reasons why we procrastinate

  • Discover the top 3 solutions to combat procrastination

  • Apply The 70% Solution to taking action

  • Take immediate action via The Empowerment Filter


AUDIENCE: Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations, and Professionals
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: 2-3 hour Stand-alone Event; Keynotes/Kick-offs for retreats/conferences: 60 minutes
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.