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Collegiate Empowerment Retreats & Conferences

Planning and facilitation for your leadership and organizational needs!

You're already busy, possibly overwhelmed, taking on multiple roles around campus, and now you're planning an off-campus leadership retreat or student organization conference.  Whatever will you do?!


With our 25+ year history of designing and delivering seminars, one thing comes up again and again: customizing a multiple-seminar experience for students and/or professionals. Allow us to be your partner in design for upcoming personal, leadership, or organizational development training. From one-day summits to two-day conferences to multi-day retreats on or off campus, we are your partner and we've got your back!

We'll help you get the best answers to the big questions:

  • Purpose: Why is this development important to your students and campus for both right now and the long-term?

  • Vision: What do you imagine this learning experience looking, sounding, and feeling like for the participants?

  • Setup/Context: What do you want participants walking away thinking, feeling, and doing differently for themselves, their organizations, and the campus?

  • Content: What are the core learning outcomes and curriculum that everyone needs and what is the customized content needed for your different leadership levels & organizations?

  • Design: How will we ensure a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun learning experience with a schedule that is tolerable for butt cheeks and avoids the "drinking water from a fire hydrant" speaker approach?

  • Delivery: How do we create a meaningful and memorable experience with master level CE facilitators so that your participants get what they want and need and you don't get burnt out in the process?

  • Implementation: How do we guarantee that students and professionals share their wisdom with the campus after the event is over and everyone is back to their usual lives?

  • Evaluation: What tools and assessments will best help you optimize the return on investment you’re looking for?


Our Master Level Facilitators will not only support you along the journey as you design the retreat, conference, or whatever snazzy name you choose for your event, but we will also present and perform the sessions for you with our signature approach to learning and development. Using our Learn-Say-Do-Reflect model, we will keep your audience engaged from start to finish...


With our "Need To Know" series, you're sure to find the learning outcomes, curriculum, and hot topics that you need for your retreat or conference. Plus, if there's anything in particular that you'd like to add to the experience or facilitate yourself, we're happy to help customize the event based on your requests. Just ask!

The only question is: where do we begin? Click below to reserve your date or contact us at to reach a Master Facilitator to get the conversation going!