Customers Don't Give A Hoot™

What's your job? Customer service. Every job is customer service. Every job on the planet exists for the benefit of helping others and taking care of wants and needs. This philosophy is at the core of this seminar experience. We must design a culture where everyone recognizes this fact and lives to exceed customer expectations--whether your customer needs you at the information desk, the copy center, the game room, event setup, or the program itself.

And it's true: customers don't give a hoot. They don't give a hoot about how much sleep we got last night, if we broke up with a significant other recently, if we have an important test or project we're working on, or if we didn't really want to come to work today. They just don't care; they want an exceptional customer service experience regardless of our own experience. That's what they expect, and it's our job to give it to them. In doing so, we increase satisfaction, engagement, and retention, and then complete the cycle by inspiring more recruitment. That's what this seminar is about.


Participants will…

  • Develop a new understanding of customer service and what it means to serve.

  • Learn the four traits and four actions expected of customer service.

  • Turn insight to action for creating a standout experience for each of your "customers."


AUDIENCE: Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: 1-2 hour stand-alone event, staff training kickoff or full retreat
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.