Train-The-Trainer (For Students or Professionals)

Our training to make your training fun again. 

Today’s training has to be energizing, interactive, fun, and full of valuable content, too! But too many presenters still hide behind their note script and a podium—20th century practices. It’s time for an update: this two-part session gives you the insight and tools to help design learning experiences that create lasting impact with your participants. Content is the loser here; because it’s NOT about “what” people learn. This is about becoming a context expert in "how" people learn. Discover training practices that go against standard practice.

Fill in the blank: Most lectures ______. If you said “are boring,” “are ineffective,” or “suck,” then we are in total agreement and something has to change. If you are tired or bored with ineffective training formats, let us help you discover a proven, disciplined approach to boost performance, leadership, and organizational culture from the training programs you deliver. Learn to reverse-engineer the ultimate training experiences to create real measurable results in personal and team development that last longer than a month. You’ll walk away immediately knowing how to engage learners and change the learning dynamic with our unique and highly-researched Learn-Say-Do-Reflect Model to increase engagement, retention, and fun. This changes everything.

And that's just the first part. Part two dives into the actual skills to become a better facilitator. We won't train you to become a better speaker, because frankly, motivational speakers are outdated. This is about facilitating a conversation, facilitating learning, and facilitating an experience. It about what you and/or your students do to create a high performance state simply because what you're about to experience and what you'll learn to create is truly a performance.


Participants will...

  • Learn to engage learners with the unique, highly-researched and applied Learn-Say-Do-Reflect Model to increase engagement, retention, and fun.

  • Experience firsthand this four-part model in action during this workshop and feel the difference for yourself.

  • Understand and practice the concepts of experiential learning during this experience.

  • Enhance their facilitation skills focusing on the four core elements: movement, eyes, voice, and tech.

  • Be a part of the art and science of making training fun again.


AUDIENCE: Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations, and Professionals
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: 4-6 hour Stand-alone workshop
VENUES: Multi-purpose room with high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.