Your Next Defining Moment™

A plug & play conference with integrated sessions that tell a complete story.

WE'VE ALL HAD DEFINING MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES. It’s easy to look back to discover why you are who you are. But what if you could predict the future? What if you could look forward and intentionally create your next defining moment? What if you could help your friends and the organizations that you’re a part of also create their next defining moment. Now that would be something.

Personal leadership is about developing the mindset, knowledge, skills, and habits to live with energy and lead with authority while leading teams is about inspiring others to achieve maximum performance towards a collective vision. A vision is one of the things that all great leaders have in common: the ability to see the end, a general destination in the future that provides inspiration and direction. This is where you’ll find Your Next Defining Moment (NDM).

Your Next Defining Moment provides a fresh take on the typical conference experience where participants travel from one session to the next without any connection between them. The focus here, instead, is on integrated and connected sessions within an expansive context where each is focused on providing clarity and direction to help students (and professionals) create their Next Defining Moment. Throughout the experience, participants will attend keynotes followed by feature sessions and mentoring roundtable conversations led by your own campus professionals. The workshop will conclude by bringing everything full-circle and integrating material from the entire workshop.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IS LIKE TAKING A SHOWER…if you only do it once, you’ll stink. Our goal is to help you take more showers together. (Okay, maybe that’s over-the-top, but we all need more leadership development at any stage in the game.) This experience is intended to complement the standard nuts and bolts training that you cover with your students on campus.


Participants will...

  • Experience the Reverse Defining Moment visualization to look back in order to plan forward.

  • Understand the predictable nature and path of success and defining moments.

  • Clarify their personal vision for their lives and leadership vision for their campus community.

  • Discover their Real GPA and what it means to the future they're dreaming of.

  • Identify and reconfigure personal beliefs as barriers or gateways to become more adaptable.

  • Turn values into action with simple strategic planning and time management.

  • Integrating all keynotes and sessions to paint a complete picture of their Next Defining Moment.

  • Learn the key principles for a train-the-trainer workshop to bring this knowledge back to campus.


Not just a day, but we will build this conference out to fulfill the needs of your leadership retreat or weekend workshop over the course of 2‒3 days! We will work with you to customize the experience to include any of your own training sessions as well as possible ropes courses and other activities. NDM is the perfect complement to your student leader training and will help your students discover the best within themselves so that they can do their best for your campus!


AUDIENCE: Emerging & Current Student Leaders; Staff; Clubs & Organizations
DATES: All Year Long! It's ALWAYS a good time for Leadership Development!
DURATION: Retreat or conference for 1‒3 days. This experience is not able to be booked for less than a full day.
VENUES: Auditorium, theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup and space for activities. No gymnasiums.