Zero Shades

Zero Shades® Of Gray

The "perfect blend" of education and entertainment for Title IX Compliance. 

Imagine a sexual assault conversation that isn't a scare tactic or boring podium lecture packed full of statistics. Imagine an experience that isn't focused on the victim, but rather preventing assault in the first place. Imagine a session where counselors don't need to be standing outside the door because participants don't feel uncomfortable with the topic.

Now imagine no more. Zero Shades of Gray applies the Collegiate Empowerment best practices of delivering a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience that is totally relevant and hits the biggest points of how to approach sexual assault for first year students. Yes, students will appreciate this sexual assault seminar because we don't teach through fear; we teach the skills necessary to raise awareness, help prevent assault, and become a resource for those in need. Imagine that.

The Campus SAVE Act of 2013 mandates that higher education institutions must educate students on the prevention of rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This kind of programming especially needs to be empowering and enjoyable or the information won’t stick…and that’s what we’ve got for you!

Zero Shades Of Gray sets the tone that sexual assault is black and white. There are no disclaimers, no clauses, and no fine print when it comes to how people feel about being sexually assaulted or raped. It’s serious to the victim, and this seminar helps students understand that this isn’t a victim problem, it’s a problem on all levels.

Widely considered as the "perfect blend" of education and empowerment for Title IX compliance and sexual assault prevention, your first year students will leave having had a great time, as well as equipped with safe practices for better decision-making. Let’s change behaviors by shifting perceptions: assault is not a women’s issue, or a men’s issue, it’s a human issue.

Let's be clear, though. One program cannot do it all; this topic is too big. This seminar is the kickoff to your Title IX programming. We're here to make your job easier by opening up the conversation with your first year students. This is not a "one and done" program. Zero Shades of Gray is just the start...and your students are going to love it!


Participants will…

  • Get educated and empowered to open up the conversation and act on it

  • Learn to prevent assault on both sides – for victims and possible assailants

  • Learn the tools to manage the impact of sexual assault

  • Clearly recognize hazardous situations before they begin

  • Understand how to effectively care for someone who has been impacted by assault and know where to go on campus for help

  • Gain awareness and define personal boundaries


"You made an instant connection with the audience and delivered difficult content in a manner that was relatable and not preachy. What I appreciate about the program is that it cuts through the “clutter” of Title IX, VAWA, Cleary, etc. and provides the audience with a clear message—there are zero shades of gray when it comes to sexual violence. Even more than that, the program goes on to help participants begin building skills to avoid miscommunication that may lead to sexual violence. Feedback from students was positive and appreciative of both the information and the manner in which it was delivered. Thanks so much for being such a great educational partner!"

Chris Jachimowicz
Director, Office of Transition Programs

"Zero Shades is an amazing program! We cannot imagine the Big E Welcome [for 2,000 students] without it. You helped us give our students exactly what we needed to give them. It also started a great conversation with our intervention team staff (the police, counseling center, advisors, etc.) to prevent assaults from happening. Nothing but good things to say! You understand what things the students need. We love that you’re called Collegiate Empowerment. It’s about empowering students so that they can own their college experience."

The Intervention Team
Eastern Kentucky University


AUDIENCE: New students (not student leaders, returning adult students, or upper class students)
DATES: Beginning of the Semester; Summer Orientation Programs, mid-year issue response
DURATION: 60 minutes recommended
VENUES: Auditorium, Theater, or multi-purpose room with stage and high-quality audio-visual setup.


If you're interested in programming that takes this introduction further, ask us about the complete trilogy...

The Show…

ZERO SHADES® OF GRAY a kickoff to your sexual assault education and a way to increase the effectiveness of reporting. Students will [1] understand what sexual assault is, [2] learn where consent should be given/received to prevent assault, [3] be able to recognize the signs when assault has happened, and [4] discuss how to support someone who has been assaulted (or what to for themselves). Gray is a lighthearted approach to start an important conversation without scaring or triggering students during their first few days, weeks, or months at college. This program is ideal for mandatory programming for larger audiences...and it's a must for starting the conversation.

The Experience…

ZERO SHADES® DARKER is the follow-up conversation to ensure that we create a brave space—and subsequently, an empowering campus culture—that supports survivors and their champions to have the deeper conversation about sexual assault and share their stories in order to build trust, stability, and confidence to move forward. It's about helping victims to transform from being a survivor to a creator of their bigger future. Most of all, it’s about all to move from feeling powerless, to feeling powerful. Darker program is ideal for non-mandatory audiences that have already experienced Zero Shades Of Gray (a prerequisite), as well as student leaders, Higher Education Professionals and Educators...and it's a must for making a lasting impact.

The Seminar…

ZERO SHADES® FREED is about making our future is bigger than our past. We empower students cultivate positive and healthy relationships, change the way they think about sex, and ultimately become a Zero Shades Advocate to build a movement that challenges everyone to reflect on the kind of culture we are creating in our community. This program is ideal for students and professionals who have experienced Gray and Darker......and it's a must for transforming the campus culture.