The Diversity Conversation You've Been Waiting To Have

Going where other diversity programs refuse to go. 

Are we teaching diversity all wrong? Yes, you read that question correctly. But the bigger questions are "What does diversity really mean to us?," "What do we need to teach about diversity and social justice?," and "What are we morally obligated to do and how far are we willing to do to make a difference?" This session takes a unique, conversational approach and takes participants on a journey that challenges what we know about diversity and all of the -ism's. This world is divided, and until we open up and gain clarity on the real problem, we'll go from one -ism to the next, as we have over the past several hundred years. Get ready to go where no diversity session is willing to go.

There is no outline for this session. It's a conversation among friends, strangers, and everyone in between. The audience co-creates the conversation through a game called Controversy that sparks enlightening conversations about things that typically cause controversy. But there is no controversy here! Why not? It’s all in the setup of the experience.

This session is less about diversity and social justice than you'd think. It's more about what it means to be a human being, understanding each other, making connections, and setting aside our differences. It's the start of a much bigger conversation that you've been begging to have with your campus community. And it's about time.

This session is an honest, no-offense-taken, collaborative conversation between the facilitators and participants about the reality of diversity in this country, in higher education, and on a personal level. As much as this conversation is about diversity, it's also about being a leader, stepping outside of our own comfort zones to understand others, and knowing when to lead others to a higher level. It's about how we can all get the most from our relationships and achieve what we want collectively. It's for professionals, advisors, grad students, and undergraduates. It's for all of us.


Participants will...

  • Discuss what's working and what's not working with how we're teaching diversity.
  • Play a full-audience game to understand the real meaning of diversity and social justice for each of us.
  • Engage in a conversation about where we go from here to continue the conversation.


AUDIENCE: Student leaders, clubs and organizations, open to campus
DATES: Any leadership training/conference/retreat
DURATION: 90 minutes minimum, up to 2 hours
VENUES: Multi-purpose Room (with seating and large open space) with high-quality audio-visual setup.